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CTEPH Futures Think Tank

“We want to debate the key issues and controversies in this area and we want to communicate a real call to action to the medical community that CTEPH patients deserve better outcomes." Jacquie Thornton, CTEPH Futures Think Tank Chair

The Bayer-sponsored CTEPH Futures Think Tank brought together the CTEPH community from around the world to discuss and debate how we can do more for patients with CTEPH today and tomorrow.

The event elevated current issues around the disparity in access to optimal care worldwide for CTEPH patients through interactive discussion and debate by leading experts in the field of CTEPH diagnosis, screening, surgery, and treatment.

CTEPH expert video with Prof Marc Humbert

Prof Mark Humbert (France) discussed the challenges in under-diagnosis and under-referral.

CTEPH expert video with Prof Eckhard Mayer

Prof Eckhard Mayer (Germany) presented the factors contributing to successful surgical outcomes

CTEPH expert video with Dr Deepa Gopalan

Dr Deepa Gopalan (UK) outlined dilemmas in decision-making in imaging

CTEPH expert video with Prof Paul Corris

Prof Paul Corris (UK) shared his perspectives on how to make the best treatment choice for patients with inoperable CTEPH or residual/persistent CTEPH after surgery

CTEPH patient video with Gabriele

Along with insights from CTEPH patient Gabriele on his journey from diagnosis to cure


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